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Photo Gallery of Gazebo Enclosures

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Enjoy the outdoors in almost any weather.

What are Gazebo Enclosures?

A gazebo enclosure is a private, self-contained room. It’s just a short walk from your back door when you need a mini-vacation. It can be your special place to get away from it all.

Not only can you set a gazebo enclosure at the edge of the woods, but it can also go under the tree in the backyard. By the same taken, place it on a hill with a view. Set it anywhere you’d like to spend more time.

These handsome buildings are available in wood or vinyl. Wood enclosures can be painted to match your home. Vinyl enclosures come in a variety of colors, too.

Shed Man gazebo enclosures are low maintenance. Learn more about our delivery and site work services. If you have questions, please use the email form on this page or call (518) 766-5754.

Gazebo Floor Plans

Gazebo Enclosure Floor Plans

You can choose choose pressure-treated lumber or vinyl clad construction. Gazebo enclosures are available in four shapes. These include octagon, standard oval, oval pagoda, o rectangle.

The most traditional gazebo shape is an octagon. Square and rectangular gazebo enclosures are considered more modern. Round and oval shapes blend are more flowing and blend easily with curving paths.

Ask us about ceiling options and Azek flooring.

Roofing Options

Architectural Asphalt

These durable, long-lasting shingles are available in a range of colors from light grey to dark green, and perfectly match with any type of siding, brick or stone.

Architectural Asphalt Shingles

Slate-Look Composite

This synthetic roofing material is durable and beautiful like slate, providing a unique, high-end look.

Slate-Look Composite Roof

Vinyl Siding Colors

Choose from twelve popular vinyl siding colors. (To match an existing structure, consider a wooden shed, whose siding can be painted to match exactly.)

Vinyl Shed Siding Colors

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