Site Work Completed by Shed Man

12’x20′ Elite Shed Man Special A-Frame Shed

This shed was delivered to West Lebanon, NY. We also did the Site Work. Where the shed is now was just woods. We cleared the few trees there out along with the thick brush. We then leveled the land and brought in crushed stone. This is one of our sites with a wooden border around it which is the best way to go when you're putting your shed on a slightly hilly area.

Gallery of Shed Man Site Work Installations

Whether you’re purchasing a shed, garage, gazebo, or child’s playhouse, install it on an appropriate building site. Good site work will affect how well your purchase looks and functions in the future. Knowing where to place the shed and what kind of base to prepare will help your shed, garage or gazebo look good and function properly for years to come. Shed Man has prepared many sites and we offer this gallery of site work installations as examples.

For example, if a shed is set in an area without a solid base, it may sink or shift affecting how doors and windows work. Also, placing your building in a particularly wet area can result in wood rotting, paint blistering, and the growth of mold and mildew. Another factor to consider is surrounding trees. It is best to avoid setting your new outbuilding in an area that is always in shade. All these things, and others, can be prevented by having the right site work done prior to installation.

Before Shed Man delivers your new item, we will visit your property to discuss your site. If site work is required, we would be happy to discuss that work with you.

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